Painting & Decorating

- Interior and Exterior -
Painting is a must inside and outside of your home. Whether you want to refresh the colours or change them up entirely, you can count on Taps & Tiles to help you with the coordination. Our professional painters will make sure that it looks great – and we can make recommendations on which colours are going to be best for your space as well.

Call us now and we can give your interior the boost it needs – not only with painting, but also decorating!

Quality Painting
Residential & Commercial

At Taps & Tiles, we have worked with both residential and commercial properties. A new touch up paint may be just what is needed to breathe new life into the space. It can look as fun, romantic, or professional as desired.

We use high quality paint, and this makes the difference for a "pop" of colour as well as for longevity so that you don’t have to worry about repainting anytime in the near future.

Colour & Design
Professional Advice

Rely on our professional advice to help you with overall colour and design. We will talk to you about the personality you want your room to have, and make recommendations from there.

We can also help you with the various designs. While it is possible to choose a single colour for a room, it’s also possible to do vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, and an array of other designs as well.

Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that you love your space, and our professional advice can help you to achieve this.