Home Refurbishment

- All types of residential and commercial buildings -
Home refurbishment is your chance to upgrade the space that you have entirely. We work with residential and commercial buildings to ensure that works better for you. There is no job too large or too small for us.

We can go room by room, listening to your desires and making suggestions on how to make the space fit your personality more effectively. We can then get started by bringing in our contractors and joiners to renovate the space.

Keen eye
for detail

We have gained a reputation for a keen eye for detail. This allows you to gain confidence with our professional refurbishment services because there is going to be no corner left unturned.

We will be able to make recommendations on painting, colour schemes, use of space, and more. If there are problems with function or flow, these can be addressed during the planning stages and Incorporated throughout the refurbishment so that you can get more out of the space once it is complete.

From planning
to completion

When you choose Taps & Tiles, we are going to be with you every step of the way. We work with you on the planning, the actual renovation, as well as the completion. We continue to work until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

There may be a lot of details within the project that you are requesting. We take the time to drive schematics and get approval every step of the way.

Our goal is for you to love the space, whether it is residential or commercial. We take the time to deliver quality results, and this makes all the difference in the finished product.