Electrical Services

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Electrical services are one of those aspects that you don’t want to try and do on your own. You can rely on our professional electricians to do all of what is needed within your home or business.

We take time to understand your needs and make suggestions. We are capable of installing appliances, upgrading wiring, and adding new electrical outlets to accommodate the function of the different rooms on your property. We also work indoors and out to ensure you have all of the electrical accommodations needed.

and indoor installations

Taps & Tiles can provide you with outdoor and indoor installations. We understand that your home may not have been equipped with all of the outlets that were needed – or that certain wiring is now in need of being repaired.

We have the expertise to accommodate all of the electrical installations. We are happy to install various appliances, ranging from stoves to refrigerators, and can create new outlets indoors and out so that you have the ability to plug in whatever it is that you need to plug-in.

Safety & Quality
above it all

Above all, we want to outfit your home with safe installations so you don’t have to worry about power surges, shorts, or anything else. Exposed wire is never a good thing and we’re going to provide quality installations.

Electrical components can be difficult to work with and that’s why we offer our professional services. Rely on Taps & Tiles to help you with everything so you can be confident that it is being handled properly.